Prem Mandir is located in the holy town of Vrindavan, India. It is a Hindu Temple devoted to Hindu Gods, Lord Radha Krishna and Lord Sita Ram. Both Ram and Krishna are two of the largely followed avatars of Lord Vishnu. The temple is maintained by an international charitable trust Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. Situated in a 54 acres site on the outskirts of Vrindavan, the temple took 11 long years to construct this temple. The construction of the temple was flagged in the year 2001 by the fifth Jagadguru, Shri Kripaluji Maharaj and was opened to public in 2012. About 1000 artists were manned for the construction of the temple.

For many of you those who don’t know, Prem Mandir is a sister temple of Bhakti Mandir and Kirti Mandir, both situated in Barsana.

Also known as Temple of God’s Love, this marvellous structure is 125 feet high, with its length being 122 feet and breadth being 115 feet. Inside the temple, the ground floor is dedicated to Lord Radha Krishna and first floor is for Lord Sita Ram. Main temple is covered with figures of Lord Krishna and his devotees depicting the important events of his existence.

The temple is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains. It also portrays the four leelas of Lord Krishna i.e Jhulan leela, Govardhan leela, Raas leela and Kaliya Naag leela. The temple is constructed absolutely with white Italian marbles. There are 94 art pillars in the temple and 48 panels carved on the exterior walls depicting the togetherness of Radha Krishna. The walls of the temple are 3.25 ft thick whereas the walls of Garbha-griha is 8ft thick so as to support the wight of great Shikhar, Swarna Kalash and the flag.

The walls are made of solid Italian marble, 3.25 ft. thick. The thickness of the walls of the garbha-griha is 8 ft to bear the weight of huge shikhar, swarna Kalash and the Flag.

A pillar less, dome shaped satsang hall is being constructed next to the temple. The hall measures up to 73,000 square feet and is expected to accommodate up to 25,000 people at a time.

Some facts of Prem Mandir:

  • The cost involved in the complete project was roughly INR 150crores.
  • It is a delight to visit the temple in the evening to enjoy the light work.
  • The coloured water fountain, dancing on the tunes of bhajans of Radha Krishna being played is another delight (both audio and visual).

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