Lansdowne! Its a hill station in the Uttarakhand State of our great nation, INDIA.

The place is one of the weekend getaways for Delhites. We Delhites love to travel and we are always getting away to the hill stations nearby, we just need a chance or else we create one.

Anyways, the place is now getting popular amongst the young crowd. Though there’s not much to do there, still the pleasant weather and less crowded streets are the key reasons for attracting the tourists now. The place is a total military area, (cantt. area), some parts of the town you are not even allowed to take pictures.

The town is good for you if you are looking to get away from the scorching heat of Delhi and you just got to relax and bask in the nature and weather.

They got various options for stays as well. You can find hotels of different ranges. Also if you can drive any further, you can find a few resorts there too.

While driving to Lansdowne, you will see a few properties with both hotels and camps. The location of the tents is pretty nice, though not on much height, you get dense forest on the backside of these properties and a lake on the front. Yes, the problem of mosquitoes will persist during the night time, but the cold breezes will give chills to spine.

Places to explore in this town:

  • Bhulla Taal
  • St. Johns Church
  • St. Mary Church
  • Tip n top
  • Bheem Pakoda

All these can be covered in a day or two. If you are planning a one or two day trip, and that too just to relax, then this is the place to visit. Third day at this place, you will start getting bored.

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